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The value proposition of Alphajet Fair Investors is not to generate extraordinary alpha but to seek to make outperformance ordinary.

AddAlpha's origins lie in Cartesian philosophy. In his book, Discourse of the Method, René Descartes points out two factors that are problematic in the access to knowledge. First, opinion, which is the idea that everyone shares. The idea that has no justification. Second, our very constitution as human beings. Our five senses give us an altered perception of reality.

AddAlpha is a methodical approach that leaves no room for behavioral bias.

Our Check-lists


  • Exclusion Lists
  • Controversy monitoring
  • 3 optional levels of integration


  • Filter the universe with ~25 key indicators
  • Over 20,000 stocks in the database

Monitoring & Analysis

  • Balance sheet strength
  • Variability of profitability
  • Monitoring of certain extra-financial alerts
  • Sector outlook

The Buy-list

  • Stocks that pass the 3 checklists and can therefore be included in the portfolio

A discipline born of 60 years of accumulated experience

3 experienced and complementary PMs:

Sébastien Lagarde, CIO

24 years of experience, focus on quant and fundamental

Thierry Le Clercq

21 years of experience, focus on fundamental and quant

Yassine Oussana

19 years of experience, focus on rates (credit) and quant

Clearly defined responsibilities

One LEAD manager per fund for final decision making

The other managers can deputise for the LEAD manager

Close monitoring of our portfolios


The monthly Alpha meeting in which the Buy-List is updated for immediate portfolio entries (replacing divestments)

The monthly Beta meeting in which the PMs review risks and summarize the macro context and sectoral dynamics


Daily monitoring, which is a systematic review of the most significant stock market variations within the portfolios for immediate decision making

We are active towards the companies